Our recently established nursery is dealing with production and selling of grafted, pruned ornamental and fruit trees in container, further with landscape- architecture- and maintenance. We are seated by the nr. 11 road at the end of Dunabogdány at the 33-34 km.

Our plant-offer is composed on basis of our long professional experiences. According to our ecological approach, our trees are grown environmentaly sound manner in containers can be planted around the whole year except the winter frosts.

Our nursery’s fundamental objective is the longterm cooperation with our partners, to achive and keep a correct professional contact . Our specificity is to represent in maximum the quality, the professionalism and the reliability.

We sincerely hope to gain your confidence , to find the ornamental tree of our offer fitting you and we can greet you shortly beyond our customers. We trust, that with our longterm connection we will cooperate together in creating and developing a more livable-, beautiful-, healthy environment.

Dr Ifju Zoltán
Ifju Boldizsár
Ifju Balázs